About Tina And Vertinaanthony.com

First and foremost Welcome!  Glad you have taken this opportunity to or stumbled upon vertinaanthony.com. page! 🙂  


I am your prescription for motivation, inspiration as well as encouragement!  My goal is to uplift and encourage individuals to feel good about themselves.  I am the person who hurdles you over your excuses. I am a very positive being, negativity is just plain stinking. (lol)

I love being around like-minded people who can give me a boost when my battery gets low. Listening to a lot of inspirational and motivational speakers is my daily dose of drug!

Having had the experience of entrepreneurship in July of 2005, I established First Class Transit llc, located in Henrico, Virginia. First Class Transit llc was a non-emergency medical transportation business.

We were responsible for transporting clients to and from, medical, dental, physical therapy and chemotherapy. Also we provided transportation to places of employment and delivered food for a local restaurant at that time.

Due to unforeseen financial circumstances as of June 2010 First Class Transit llc, was laid to RIH, while I endure the pain of building someone else dream while remaining thankful for being gainfully employed.

On or around October 2016 I began my quest to gain knowledge of IM .(internet marketing) I have the desire to help others solve problems, find solutions by spreading information based on my experience. So here is where the journey begins!


I want to help others because it feels good knowing I can bring the best out of someone else. There are a lot of people suffering especially when you first arrive on the JOB and ask your fellow employees, “how are you doing ?” And there response is ” I am ready to go or I be glad when Friday get here.”

Truly something is wrong when people do not enjoy coming to work or this could be a sign of unhappiness. If I could show them there is light at the end of the tunnel or a better way, that is my intention.


The goal of this site is to empower, uplift, motivate and encourage others to follow their passion. To live their dreams and do what their heart truly desire. I would like this site as well as myself to be the proof in the pudding!

If you ever need a hand, have questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a message on my contact page and I will try my best to reply asap.

Best Wishes!!

Tina @ vertinaanthony.com