Be Mindful Of Your Thoughts-They Have Power

Have you ever wondered how much of a difference your life could be if we were taught at an early age about positive and negative thoughts? Our parents wasn’t taught as well, hell I believe most of us knew more about negativity than anything.  Be mindful of our thoughts always!

We knew that energy did not feel good for how it made us feel as kids. Questions probably wasn’t being asked because as kids we trusted our parents and figured they would not tell us any wrong. Be mindful of your thoughts for they do have the power to produce.

It is amazing on how we can redirect our current way of thinking to receive the outcome we are searching for. Everything that has come about was from a thought. A thought can be as powerful as starting a fire, but in order to keep that fire alive we are going to need some fuel.

I am pretty sure we can all think of something we have pondered about an in that instance our thoughts were answered. One particular day my thought became a reality. I could remember back in high school when I participated in practicing track with the cross-country team.

We ran the same course every time we practiced. Within the course was a chain we had to either step over or jump. I had a thought to myself that I was going to fall if I jump the chain. I immediately tried to push that thought out of my head, but it was too late. Low and behold I felled and scarred my hands, and bounced back up to finish my practice.

Being In Control Of Your Thinking Habits

What you think about you bring it out. The only thoughts we can control are our owns. Be careful of what you think of yourself, it just might become your reality.

Learn to speak blessings over yourself. Be your own cheerleader, encourage yourself. You can and will become as great as you think you can. Let’s be like the little choo choo train and think we can. Everybody wants so much out of life, but nobody wants to do any legwork or hard work.

The way you are thinking are holding you back, especially if there is no forward process. As motivational speaker Les Brown puts it “if you do what is easy your life would be hard, if you do what is hard your life would be easy”.

Another favorite speaker I truly admire is Eric Thomas, who always quote ” I can, I will, I must”. I also admire the Scripture from the Bible, located in LUKE 12:48 “Too much is given, much is required”. If we expect to dominate our thinking habits, the more we put in, the more we get out.

Accepting Responsibility Of Your Thoughts

Being responsible for how or what you think. It is no different from being responsible for how you respond to someone or something that happens outside of yourself. The way you respond to things is no different from the way you are thinking.

When we blame people, places and things for what happens to us is because of our thought process. If we take the time to look inside ourselves and ask why do I or did I act in that manner. Most of the time it is not what someone or something does to a person, it is more about our individual belief about that particular thing.

Do yourself a favor and stop pointing fingers. I can remember a saying that went ” if that particular person or thing made you sick, then take it or them to the doctor so you can get well”.

Ways To Keep Your Thoughts Healthy

Field Barley Sky Clouds Think Positive ShiHere are some key practices of ways to be mindful of your thoughts:

By focusing on what is positive, uplifting and motivating.

Feeding your mind good nourishing thoughts for growth.

Try not to entertain any stress triggers.

Participate in something that builds character and confidence.

Avoiding negativity, which could consist of ; what you listen to, who you listen to and how you listen to it or them.

Meditation can be a soothing practice for the mind, to let go and obtain a sense of rejuvenation.

Thoughts For Success

Think of it as healthy thinking, positive thoughts equals a healthy mind. Feeding your mind is no different from feeding your body. Mindful thinking helps you grow, is nourishment for the mind and gives it strength to overcome the impossible. Are you feeding your mind to grow or are you feeding it to die?

Just like our thoughts become our reality, who or what you let entertain your time with, you will become of by association. Choose your mind diet carefully, if you are not getting the right amount of protein, and carbohydrate intake from family, friends and environment, then change your diet.

Never stop learning feed your mind daily, listen to motivational speeches, read something inspiring and find a mentor someone you admire, who has proven themselves to be a leader. We all are familiar with the saying “if we not learning, we not growing”.

Influence Your Thoughts

Thoughts can be a form of energy, energy is a power source. Have you ever experience being around like-minded energy, it feels as though your power source is being charged. On the downside to that being around demotivating energy, no energy and a negative source of power is draining.

Your thoughts play a major role in creating the life you desire. Learning to influence your thoughts regularly will give you the ability to fulfill your life purpose. Most of your life situations and circumstances has occurred up until this very moment is a result of your thinking habits. What you think about, you bring about or you bring it out.

A must see 30 day challenge video to see on You-Tube, by Earl Nightingale. Earl Nightingale- How to train your mind to get what you desire. As Earl Nightingale quotes, ” Successful people are not people without problems, they are people who have learned to solve their problems”.